Why is Amazon is so Great for Beauty Product Sellers?

A lot of beauty product manufacturers are still on the fence about whether to list their products on Amazon so here  are a list of advantages that I think make Amazon a ‘must-do’ for product companies.

  • Amazon owns over 50% of uk ecommerce visitors, they are the largest ecommerce site in the uk and have millions of loyal customers. Amazon can introduce your brand to buyers you would otherwise never get.
  • The Amazon shopper is less price sensitive than for example eBay buyers and regularly pay premium prices for products.
  • Amazon has a sophisticated marketing apparatus such as one click ordering, customers who bought this also bought suggestion box, email marketing which promotes other products in your range, review requests and much more which is FREE for your company to tap into.
  • Amazon spends hundreds of millions per year  on Pay Per Click marketing and Retargeting (those ads which seem to follow you around) which is free for you, in other words they spend their money on paid advertising of your product.
  • Marketers who understand how Amazon works can give your brand a huge leg-up over the competition by optimising your listing to help shoot your product up the rankings very fast which can dramatically increase sales, unlike trying to rank your website on Google which can be vastly expensive and take many months!
  • Market Research- Savvy product marketers can use the extensive comments and reviews attached to competitors products to help develop a new product that exactly fits into a gap in the market.

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