Strategic Email Marketing Tips

In this post I am going to give you some quick and easy ways to strategise your email marketing.

Designing Your Strategy

Know what you are trying to achieve.. are you trying to build trust and an ongoing relationship with distributors or are you trying to sell more products?   Your email strategy and email content has to be designed around your purpose.

Distributor Email Marketing

Distributor email marketing is all about educating and building a long term relationship with your potential reseller.  Then there are different stages of distributor marketing.

Prior to becoming a distributor you want to send conversion boosting emails such as case studies of how distributors are succeeding with your product range, marketing ideas showing the best way to integrate and market your products to their customers, links to interesting articles to build the relationship, links to training videos showing how to use your products, articles about the ingredients you use in your products and so on.  keep the emails as short, snappy , informative and engaging as possible.

After becoming a distributor you want to send emails that focus on increasing the product range they are selling, getting reviews from them as to how well your products are selling and their experience with you as a company which you can use in your marketing.  Also getting customer reviews from their customers which you can use and all this while continually deepening the relationship they have with your company.

Product Sales Email Marketing.

In order to increase your product sales using email marketing you want to focus on finding out the kind of products your customers are interested in.  Using a tracking pixel on your website which monitors customer behaviour, using short surveys and tracking clicks to links in your emails can be set up to trigger automatic email offers to products that your customer is more likely to buy.

Triggering email offers when your customer takes an action such as abandoning a checkout cart is the key to increasing your product sales by focusing on maximum conversion.

What Most Companies do..

What most companies do however is what I call old school email marketing, they simply send out a blast offer to all their customers because they know that a small percentage of those customers will convert to sales.  However the problem with that is that your customers will get used to the fact that most of the time they are getting offers which are not relevant to them and they will stop opening your emails.

Also email delivery rates will drop because the email providers will know that your emails don’t get read and move your emails into spam.

if you need any help creating a targeted email marketing program just contact me using this link.

Bye for now..

Sophie Spector