Mobile eCommerce for Beauty Product Sellers

According to this Marketing Land article  the key mobile trends for 2015 will be.

Mobile Security.

With the increased takeup of mobile banking and mobile ecommerce the need for security measures has increased significantly.  This will be a key issue for the merchant providers who are processing customer orders through ecommerce sites.

Mobile Websites More Important then Mobile Apps

It is far more important to focus on making your site mobile friendly than on getting people to install an app.  Firstly even if people do install the app there is no guranteed they will use it, secondly the technical issues in dealing with different mobile platforms can make the app difficult to use for many mobile customers, thirdly there is no Google ranking benefit to having an app whereas an optimised Mobile website can be found by people searching for your product on their phones.

Mobile Payments Go Big

The ability to accept mobile payments on your ecommerce site is becoming vital due to the massively increased purchasing using tablets and smart phones.  This is where having your products listed on Amazon becomes useful because of their easy to use app and mobile payments infrastructure.

On a mobile eCommerce site is important to make the buying experience as simple as possible, so think ease of navigation and one click checkout.

Mobile Site Design

If your mobile website looks good on the smallest screen then it will translate well to other larger screens.  Only put the vital information needed to transact a purchasebut give the purchaser the ability to switch to the desktop site if they want to. Make the navigation simple and the checkout process seamless.

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Sophie Spector

Beauty Industry Social Media