How to Stop Expensive Leads Slipping Through the Cracks

Most businesses that I come across in the beauty industry (and elsewhere) are very aware of the importance of building their brand and driving traffic to their website.  This is where using social media, press releases, and other publicity mechanisms such as trade shows can be so valuable.

However there is one big problem;  if a business does not have the correct foundation, most of those hard won and expensive leads will be wasted.  Why is that? Most people who come across your website whether they are potential distributors or retail customers are not yet in buying mode, in fact research shows that only between three to five percent of those website visitors are what I call ‘RWA’, ready willing and able to buy.

It is vital for a business that those other ninety+  percent of potential customers  are segmented and nurtured with appropriate email marketing campaigns so when the prospect moves into ‘buying mode’ your business is ‘Top of Mind’.

This is the foundation of business marketing and needs to be in place in order to catch and nurture those expensive leads from your press campaigns,social media and other advertising and marketing.

I hope you found this article helpful, if you have any questions you can contact me at this link.

Bye for Now

Sophie Spector

Beauty Industry Social Media