How to Stand Out From Your Competition

More and more beauty related  companies are entering the market every year and competion is fierce.  Even if you have a fantastic product range how do you stand out when the market place is so crowded and every product clamouring for attention?

The answer is differentiation and personality,  brands who build a strong personality stand out from the crowd and garner a huge share of the attention.

Here is an example of a product that normally has no personality , a food mixer, which spawned a whole series of viral videos based on the question.. Will it Blend.  Items blended range from golf balls to credit cards.  This works so well because there is the suspense factor ‘will it really blend?’ which forces viewers to stay to the end of the video and because it showcases the power and quality of the product.  Watch the video below to see what I mean.

So using video to give your brand a personality is a most powerful strategy, if you would like any help with your video marketing you can contact us by clicking here.

Bye for Now

Sophie Spector