How to Increase Your eCommerce Sales Fast!!!

“Would you like fries with that?” This phrase which was implemented in the 1970s gave a boost of an extra 50% of sales of french fries to customers who would otherwise not have ordered.

Why does this work so well? It’s simple, when customers are in buying mode they are MUCH more likely to buy then when they aren’t in the mood to buy. Thus you can significantly bump up your sales by simply making a relevant offer to customers who are already in the process of buying.

There are very few companies who do this and the reason may be due to the limitations of their merchant account or shopping cart. However if that is the case it is well worth investigating other methods of payment in order to structure offers which are seen directly after the first purchase.

For example, a customer has checked out after a purchase of your natural rose scented shampoo for limp hair, directly after purchase they could be presented with an offer for the rose scented hair conditioner or another type of hair treatment.Intelligent marketing software can ascertain if they have either already purchased that product and send them to another relevant offer.

If 50% of your customers purchased another product at the checkout what would that do to your profits?

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