How to Get Those All-Important 5 Star Product Reviews

Why are 5 Star reviews so important to the success of selling your product online?  Simply put they provide social proof for your potential customers and can tip a non-decided customer over the edge to become a purchaser.  But here is the problem, reviews can take a lot of time to trickle in and also you have no control over the quality of reviews that you get.

The sad truth is that most satisfied customers won’t leave reviews whereas those few unhappy customers can ruin the reputation of your product by leaving blistering reviews all over the web.

The answer is to take charge of the review gathering process as much as you can so that you can get a flood of 5 Star reviews when you need them and which will also have the effect of drowning out the few naysayers.

So how do you do this? You need to have a review gathering process that works consitently to put you in control.

Build an email list of loyal customers who love your products, then when you are launching a new product or you simply want to get more reviews for a current product you can email out a fantastic offer to your customer list in exchange for reviews.

Although you can’t specifically ask for good reviews the fact that your current customers are on your list shows that they like your products already and so most of the reviews will be 4 and 5 Stars.

Amazon is fantastic for this and is another reason why you should seriously consider listing your products on their platform.  Also a byproduct of getting lots of great reviews is that your product will be pushed up the ranks in Amazon which will give you a lot more exposure and more sales.

You simply send your customers to the platform you have listed your product on and you will see a flood of reviews in a very short amount of time.

Obviously this only works if you have built a loyal and engaged customer email list, if you need any help with this you can contact us by clicking here  

Bye For Now

Sophie Spector