Effortlessly Attracting Customers and Distributors

Targeted email marketing is by far the best way to build a customer list and a list of potential distributors.

Product Customers

By using techniques such as segmenting your customers so you send them the offers that they are more likely to buy you can increase the number of customers who buy when you send out an offer.

Most companies just send out blanket emails with an offer that many of their customers won’t be interested in.  Over time this means that your customers will become less likely to open your emails.  This has a knock on effect in that the email service providers start to see your messages as junk because people are either not opening or unsubscribing.

Other techniques such as emails that trigger after an action, can send out the targeted offer when you customer is ready to buy.  This means your sales will be higher as that customer is in ‘buying mode’.

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