Amazon Optimisation Case Studies

What is the difference between an Amazon Optimised Listing and a Non- Optimised Listing?

Many product companies put their products up for sale on Amazon with little thought as to how to maximise the effectiveness of their listing.  This leads to three major problems which ensures poor product sales.

The first problem is that Amazon is a buyer search engine and sellers need to be found for their product search terms.  If a seller is not on the first page of the search results then they simply won’t be seen by potential customers.

The second problem is poor conversion rates.  When a product listing is not optimised to convert the viewer into a sale, not only will  the Amazon customer not buy, but also the Amazon algorithm will record the failed sale and conclude that the product is not popular. This will result in  the product  slippping even  further down the Amazon rankings.

The third problem is lack of listing maintenance.  Even if a product is doing well and making sales, as competitors come into the market-place a product listing can lose its ranking. Successful Amazon listings need attention and new strategies as time goes by, in order to maintain continued product sales.

Proskins Amazon Optimisation Case Study

A client of mine Proskins, a manufacturer of intelligent sportswear  had products which had been listed on Amazon for twenty months prior to the Amazon Optimisation Service which I performed on their clothing lines.

Case Study One: the Gold Line ( a luxury anti-ageing product comprising leggings, gloves and eyemask)

The resultant increase in sales between the 20 months prior and  four months after the Amazon Optimisation.

The number of page views to their products increased by 3715%

Ordered product sales increased by 1177%

Total order items increased by 1000%

Numbers Correct as of January 2015

Case Study 2: the Moto Accessories Line

This is Proskins  motorcycle range of clothing (demonstrating that Optimisation works universally)

The resultant increase in sales between the 20 months prior and  four months after the Amazon Optimisation.

Number of page views increased 301%

Ordered product sales increased 771%

Total order items increased 806%

The great advantage to this work is that the benefits are ongoing and allows the company to very quickly offset the investment involved in hiring me.


Case Study 3: Beauty and Personal Care Product Range (Update 26/11/2015)

This client had no business presence on Amazon so we created a new U.K. profile for their products and achieved some amazing results.

Within the first month of selling on the client was achieving daily sales, but more importantly by the third month the sales had doubled and tripled in volume to reach the first milestone set by the client of an average of six sales per day.

Update: The Amazon sales have continued to increase month on month with average order values increasing alongside daily order numbers.  Amazon has now become our main focus in growing our clients brand and international sales.

Sales volume is continuing to grow in the UK and we are now expanding the clients sales into Amazon markets internationally, specifically the U.S.A and Europe, with the option of expanding into all markets where Amazon has a presence such as Japan,India, Brazil and Mexico. Click Here to Read Article

The client is thrilled as they are now building a significant strand to their business which simply did not exist before.