Distributor Marketing

We Create Marketing Packages Specifically to Target and Convert Potential Distributors

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Step One

We work with you to make sure you have a distributor education package that is set up to engage, educate and convert distributors from prospects to working partners.

Step Two

We set up our proprietary Back-End marketing system which captures the distributor details and systematically sends out educational and engaging messages while monitoring for levels of interest.  We then tag and score the distributors who are showing the highest levels of interest so you or your sales people can contact them to close them on becoming distributors for your product range.

Step Three

We set up a Past Distributor Marketing campaign to re-contact everyone who has given you their contact details and expressed an interest in becoming a distributor.

Step Four

We set up marketing campaigns to start driving Distributor leads through your newly set up sales funnel.  All the leads you get will now be automatically getting drip fed your Distributor conversion marketing campaign.  Your HOT PROSPECTS will be automatically filtered so you can reach out to them.

  • Exhibitions-We work with you to create an efficient way to get as many Distributor leads as possible to plug into your Distributor Marketing System.
  • Linkedin– We create a Linkedin Marketing Campaign that can tap into the huge pool of potential distributors and attract them into your Distributor Marketing Campaign
  • Other Marketing– We work with you to make sure that other Marketing Campaigns aimed at recruiting Distributors work seamlesslessly with your new Distributor Marketing Campaign System.
  • Distributor Training– We create marketing training for distributors that you can use to attract Distributors into your Distributor Marketing Sales Funnel.

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