Amazon Marketing

If you have been ignoring Amazon then you have almost certainly been losing out  because Amazon is the online giant of product sales.

The great advantage of Amazon is the fact it has over 25% of all  UK eCommerce going through it’s portal in the UK . Click Here to See Article

Amazon is a shopping site so it’s visitors are in buying mode, unlike on Google where a visitor may be researching products prior to purchase.  This means that Amazon customers are VERY easy to convert to a sale.

Sellers who really understand how to make the most of the Amazon platform have launched massively successful businesses for a fraction of the cost it would have taken if they had tried to do it all themselves.  Click Here to See Amazon UK Seller Success Stories.

Amazon has made it very easy for people to buy with one click purchasing and their email campaigns and they are always researching new ways to increase sales. For example Amazon have introduced one hour home delivery for Prime customers in London which means if your customer needs your product that evening they can get it!

By being on Amazon you have access to the brightest marketing minds who are going all out to sell more of your products.

You can expand your business internationally very easily using the Amazon advanced selling infrastucture.  Amazon USA for example is the No.1 Online Retailer out of the top 500 . Click Here to Read Article. 

However there are some difficulties with Amazon due to the sheer volume of products listed on the site.  How do you get found on Amazon?  If you can be found then it’s easy to sell your products!!

We offer an Amazon Optimisation service to make sure your products can be easily found on Amazon  Click here to see 3 Amazon case studies..